Bee-biter explained



Positioning arms
2 heights available: 50mm and 70 mm
Pointing surface, allowing pointing after placing bee-biters
Locking arms
High quality 316 stainless steel
Height reduction for cement residues
Many plastic covers have openings of 5mm. Wasp will still enter! Bee-biters have 2.5 mm openings.

Bee-biters are the newest and best wheephole covers available. Simplicity combined with functionality. Just one stainless steel part incorporating all essential functions making it better, easier and nicer as plastic covers.

Placing Bee-biter

Placing bee-biters is very simple and requires no tools. It will adapt automatically to any width from 7 to 15 mm. Even to tapered joints!

Once in place it is automatically locked! As it does not require to be placed during brick laying, bricklayers can continue to work saving labour costs.

Simple placing and perfect fitting

Bee-biters can be placed during bricklaying. But it is easier to do it afterwards. In new walls, the best result is achieved after bricklaying but before pointing. Open joints are a burden for pointing, but with a bee-biter it becomes very easy. The pointing surfaces help the cement to rest in the horizontal joint. When placed after pointing, the same surfaces make sure there is no opening left for wasps to use. So bee-biters are also the best covers to be used in existing buildings.

No tools

No tools are required to place the bee-biters. Simple push the bee-biter in by hand. It will adjust automatically to the width of the joint. The locking arms will prevent children ore mice to take the covers out and the positioning arms will make sure the cover will rest at the best position.

Saving labour costs

Open joints are required at intermediate intervalls during bricklaying. How recognizable is the fact that the covers are never available when needed? With plastic covers bricklayers need to stop and find the covers first as placing them afterwards is hardly possible. Using bee-biters the bricklayers can continue as they now that placing them afterwards is so easy. This feature will save costs of building!