Pest control professionals discover bee-biters!

At the recent pest control exhibition Eurocido in Dortmund, Germany, bee-biters were introduced to an international panel of pest control professionals. They were all very enthousiastic about the product. They saw the potential in increasing sales by offering not only the solution to wasp, drones ore mice, but also offering a preventive solution for the future.

Beautiful bees expected to swarm over the “Nordbau” exhibition in Neumünster Germany.

From September 6 till September 11 we will attend on this international fair informing all building professionals about the qualities of our product and of course impressing them with the beauty of our bees! We look forward to meet you there.

Nordbau with bees



New, sales box 250 pcs.!

Salex box 250 pcs
A new glossy full colour printed sales box is now available with 250 bee-biters. Easy to place in the shop, especially in spring and summer time. See also dealer information