Why wheepholes?

Why ventilation?


The porosity of bricks will suck the rainwater inwards and moisten the cavity.

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Ventilation of cavity walls


Well build houses with cavity walls have open joints near the bottom and near the top to ventilate the cavities.

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Wheepholes above interruptions


Above large interruptions such as wide windows open joints are necessary to drain accumulated water, hence the word wheephole.

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Why use covers?


Wasps and drones are eager to build their nests in the wall cavity. Wasps will need as little as 5 mm (1/6 inch) to gain access. Once a nest is build one cannot remove it. Moisture and cold will find there way to the inner wall. Result: mould!
Mice will use the wheephole to enter into your house. A mouse can enter through a 9 mm (1/3 inch) wide opening!

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